Tuesday, March 10, 2009


this semester is calling for  a TON of experimenting I think.  I am only  in one photo related class which is weird for me and 2 illustration based classes. But oddly enough I am finding myself wanting to design purses.. weird? i know.

I sit around and wonder what I can do with photo and illustration to create PURSES.

I hate annoying designer purses.. especially coach. It's funny how a bunch of obnoxious C's can make a purse 125 bucks or more. I want to make a purse that is not stupid looking, has some cool art on it, and is more than affordable. I'll even sew them if I have to. Idk why but thats been kind of my thoughts recently.

ok enough ranting about purses

I have one project happening, where I am using makeup and buttons for portratiture. This is gonna range in color and style so it should be fun, doing it all myself as well.
then I have found myself doing spontaneous color things, I like to convert my pictures to black and white and then use one color for highlights and one for shadows. I don't know why but I love stitching things together. especially in weird ways.
 this is the beginning of a series I am starting up I sat over at this place called ate doors down(awesome food btw) and as people walked by I took their pictures, mind you I wasn't looking through the view finder I let it sit on the table.

This kid just so happened to walk by twice, once with nothing and then walked out with a bag, I am assuming he either was ordering takeout or he delivers chinese food...